Today I co-presented a thought and direction piece on Open Banking: Who will be the winners and losers? The event was hosted at Siegel+Gale, and was organised by the Financial Services Forum, as part of their excellent programme of events.

My colleague Steve Ogborn and I presented the opening piece to the audience, and I then sat on a panel with several esteemed individuals to chat around the potential impacts and directions which the open banking experience may take.

There were some very interesting views from Mark Mullen (Chief Executive, Atom Bank) and Kevin Mountford (CEO, Raisin), with excellent provocation from the chair, Chris Skinner.

As the Open Banking train rolls ever forward, I hope to have the opportunity to speak at a few more of these events, and obviously I’d recommend that you pop down and attend one, the FS Forum really do an excellent job!

View the event.