Esports: MotoGP Just ran a virtual race with the real racing stars…

Coronavirus has played havoc with many peoples lives globally, and for many it’s put the importance of sports into perspective. However, sports are, for many of us, a genuine hobby, interest, relaxation, or whatever.

Recently, F1 have been using esports platforms as a bit of a gimmick, with several stars (most notably Lando Norris) posting about their engagement in esports while the series is in lockdown.

MotoGP have gone one step further, however, and ran a Virtual Grand Prix which was broadcast live today. 10 current top MotoGP stars, including current World Champion Marc Marquez, competed in the 6-lap race. Predictably it was carnage, but the lap times were ultra competitive when compared to seasoned esports champions.

Ultimately the race was won by Alex Marquez, with Pecco Bagnaia second and Maverik Vinales third after being taken out in turn one, but the result isn’t the important thing here. A bit of a gimmick, yes, but a real feather in the cap of game technology.

Ooh! New (old) bike… erm…

I got a knackered old Pulse Adrenaline 125 from Big_D, at virtual no cost 😉

Why rebuild a Chinese 125 which probably won’t be worth more than about £500 when finished? Why not? I’ve not ridden a 125 road bike for about 20 years, and I’ve never ridden anything Chinese, so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do in preparation for the rebuild of my RD350LC, planned for summer.

Also, the parts for Chinese bikes are dirt cheap, and there’s an opportunity to put some of the frankly naff original items, and also to reverse years of teenage abuse.

Here are the pics as it was picked up on Friday… brace yourselves!3938ZAn - Imgur 12281954_10154447268893776_568905648_o 12510108_10154447269063776_443603403_o 12528666_10154447269008776_1758599867_o 12544044_10154447268968776_1333054458_o 12544779_10154447268908776_1415340346_o 12546241_10154447268863776_2070819996_o 12546314_10154447268998776_1332629347_o 12557169_10154447268983776_736082611_o 12557191_10154447269053776_456063337_o 12562458_10154447268813776_251723920_o 12562732_10154447268943776_2059067911_o