How do we balance DXPs and Human Understanding? Come and hear…

From understanding human behaviour to operating world-class digital experience platforms, bringing every CX discipline together into a seamless experience is a tough challenge for digital teams. We use real-life customer examples to showcase key hotspots for CX optimisation from front to back end, delivering maximum brand impact and business return along the way.

Join our in-person networking event, to hear from experts at digital design & development agency Splendid, in partnership with Acquia, the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimising digital experiences.


Location: The Dilly Hotel, 21 Piccadilly, London, W1J 0BH
Time and Date: Thursday, 11th November 2021 | 16:00 – 18:30 GMT

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Join our webinar: Strategies to optimise CX through Human Understanding

#Neuroscience tells us that decision-making is a complex process. But by better understanding how humans make decisions, we can design more effective #customerexperiences and ultimately influence choice.

Experts from our Human Understanding Lab, Chris Bland and me (Benedict Ireland), have simplified decision-making by looking at this complex process through four main pillars: Emotion, Motivation, Meaning (cultural context) and Action.

Join our upcoming webinar on October 7th to take your CX strategies to the next level!

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Published: Brands Journal: How brands can do Christmas… digitally.

It’s nearly Christmas! And I do enjoy Christmas. You know, seeing family, friends, the parties… except none of that’s really happening this year. Sadly.

it’s also predicted to be a tough year for the high street – not only are consumers feeling the pinch financially, but with COVID-19 we expect an abnormal acceleration in the shift to online shopping.

All of this means digital needs to work harder for ever – in fact we are at a Potential inflection point for the digital experience of brands, so what should we be doing?

 Well, read on here for a piece I wrote in Brands Journal…