Published: Brands Journal: How brands can do Christmas… digitally.

It’s nearly Christmas! And I do enjoy Christmas. You know, seeing family, friends, the parties… except none of that’s really happening this year. Sadly.

it’s also predicted to be a tough year for the high street – not only are consumers feeling the pinch financially, but with COVID-19 we expect an abnormal acceleration in the shift to online shopping.

All of this means digital needs to work harder for ever – in fact we are at a Potential inflection point for the digital experience of brands, so what should we be doing?

 Well, read on here for a piece I wrote in Brands Journal…

Motorcycle Racer Magazine columnist

I thougth I should add something about my work with Motorcycle Racer Magazine! For two years or so I was regular columnist for national magazine, Motorcycle Racer, talking about my exploits in the BEMSEE and NGRRC championships. I’d usually leave for race weekend on a Thursday, practice Friday, race Saturday and Sunday, and travel back tired Sunday night. Writing would happen on a Monday while it was all fresh in my mind, and I’d liaise with the various circuit photographers to get photographs of the weekend (as well as some I’d take between sessions). I’d put this package together and send it off to Hazel at the magazine.

The big up-side of this was it was much easier to get sponsors when you’ve got a large readership, which did help my team mate Ali and I to get leathers, gloves and protective riding kit, and a few gadgets like action cameras, lean devices and the like. Also, it was fun. I remember reading race reports of budding racers when I was younger and it really helped me to understand how to go about things.

I’ll add a few snap shots here later on.