I suspect this post will grow over the next few weeks… but I’m seeing some very strange behaviours on websites during lockdown… are there REALLY such massive server concerns for sites like B&Q (case in point) and supermarkets that they suddenly have a need for an hour long wait time to use the website?

I’d be interested to see traffic mapping pre/post CV19 to see just HOW big the increase of site traffic is. These queues seems o run through the night, which suggests it’s throttling on traffic rather than server overload, I just don’t see why? Is it related to delivery?

Update: I received another interesting message from B&Q (screen shot below). This suggests site traffic volume is the issue. I have to say I find it hard to believe that traffic is THAT increased over normal peaks like Bank Holidays. The message goes on to say ‘only essential repairs…’ etc, which suggests it’s a supply/delivery issue. In which case, why not handle that at fulfilment (checkout, delivery)? It’d also help with order/supply cadence, to know who’s after what and how much over say, the next few weeks, surely?

And another: I was just explaining it to someone and saw this: