I received this message just now from Withings. I use their scales to watch my weight (while kidding myself I’ll be racing a motorcycle again anytime soon), and also their blood pressure monitor, due to my alarmingly-named hypertension.

Couple of things: they were bought by Nokia, I believe? Well, I know, because I was sent lots of Comms about the acquisition and name change. This one’s from Withings. I thought it was an anomaly so I looked it up and no, apparently Nokia offloaded Withings. They just forgot to tell us.

The real point tho, is about internationalisation. I opened this message (I do read their Comms, I think as a health company I give an unusual amount of credence to them), and I almost had a heart attack.

’I’ve got a sleeping heart rate of 101?!?!’

Ah. No, no I don’t. It’s trying to tell me that this is a basic lesson in sleep heart rates. Having lived in the states for 7 years (something I rarely mention), I’m aware of the term ‘101’ as an early phase of education. However, I’d say most people outside of America aren’t so used to it. Especially when their software refers to heart rates in numeric terms.

A really good example of where communications should be checked for international acceptance.