Porsche has launched a track app, which utilises CarPlay to give real-time track data to the driver. Befitting their brand and in line with current technology pace in automotive.

i was particularly interested in this as we designed almost the exact same software for Aston Martin back in 2008, while designing their in-car infotainment system. We worked with then head of electrical engineering Alan Bennett and race team head Chris Porritt, to develop a variety of apps from track pack to business perspectives.

The idea was to create a scalable system which allowed components to be included dependent on model, so the DBS would get the track pack, the Lagonda (then proposed) would get business packs in the back seat.

We even went as far as to build a prototype into a DBS test mule, I’ll see if I can dig out the video.

Well done Porsche, for having the balls to do it.